Why Your Child or Teen Doesn’t Want to Read

Part of the reason I wrote Creed Griffon in The Road to Dendura, was because the homeschool program I was using at the time, didn’t offer books that interested my kids or motivated them to read. To be honest, I’m a long time fan of children and young adult fiction novels. There’s something magical about any book that can take you away from your present and delve you into whatever trials the characters in the book are facing. However, it always seems to be this particular genre that sends me on such a journey.

The idea for Creed Griffon was conceived on a long car trip I took across the United States. I had many hours to think and drive. It was at this time, I started penning my thoughts for the story. I wrote down things that I thought would be interesting or exciting to read or listen to. Likewise, if you want to get your children to read, find out what they’re interested in! 

Many times they don’t read because they feel they’re being forced to, or they’re simply not interested in the subject. And in my opinion, comic books are just fine! Why not? There are still words on the page and the reader has to follow in sequence…

Regardless, tons of books are available on just about every subject imaginable. These days we don’t have to simply rely on the library either. Nook, I pad, and Kindle offer free downloads for thousands of titles.


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