If you want to feel like a kid again, you need to visit Universal Studios Hollywood’s Harry Potter World! by C. L. Lewis

If you want to feel like a kid again you need to visit
Universal Studios Hollywood’s Harry Potter World!
Yes, even authors need a break sometimes. They need to be
inspired too. Recently, I took a flash vacation to Universal Studios Hollywood!
I haven’t been to a theme park for quite some time, and thought why not? My
thoughts ahead of time were along the lines of hour waits in the hot sun,
expensive food, and periodic bouts of boredom. Rinse/Repeat. However, in this
case after spending a total of 11 hours at this place, I can honestly say,
“WOW! (I haven’t spent 11 hours anywhere unless I was incarcerated…. Just a
mild joke to see if you were paying attention)
Honeydukes and Zoncos Joke Shop in the Back.
What I’m trying to say is Universal Studios Hollywood is well worth your time and money!!” It’s totally awesome! From shows to rides, you won’t be
bored. There’s something for everyone to do, or re-do. It made me feel like a
kid again! And I know for a fact, it wasn’t just me judging by the people
singing “Shout” on the escalator going in the opposite direction. This mood
filtered over to our side of the escalator and everyone there joined in as
well. Yes, even me:)
(which explains the two year old behind me plugging her ears) The weather was
perfect, the wait in lines minimal, the shows were excellent, the rides
spectacular, and the food prices… Well, you can’t have everything…



My suggestions for anyone visiting this park would be:
sunblock, good walking shoes, a locker rental, good camera, plan the shows you
want to see around the rides, and lots and lots of water:)
 Inside Olivanders
First stop? Harry Potter Hogsmeade of course. It didn’t
disappoint! Adults and children alike were outfitted in their favorite house
attire to include robes and ties. Others were literally walking around the snow
laden village dressed as wizards or witches. This really added to the ambiance
of the place. When I spotted Honeydukes, it took everything in me not to fling
open the door and roll around in the thousands of chocolate frogs – but I
controlled the urge for confectionary delights and limited myself to a few
tasty treats such as the peppermint toads and fever fudge! We also visited
Zonko’s Joke Shop, and Olivanders just to mention a few places. Each store was
filled with tasty souvenirs or rare memorabilia from the movies. My family ate
at the three broomsticks and had frozen butterbeer! Yummy! *I also highly
recommend their sticky toffee pudding! “Yikes! I’ll be on the treadmill for a
Inside Hogwarts, Dumbledore’s Office


The two rides in Harry Potter World are The Flight of theHippogriff and Harry Potters Forbidden Journey! Both were absolutely amazing! Approaching
the Flight of the Hippogriff, riders are treated to a life-size version of Hagrid’s
hut accompanied by none other than a hippogriff. In order to get to the
Forbidden Journey, riders are taken through the dark winding halls of Hogwarts furnished
with moving pictures and other recognizable scenery. Among many things, I was
able to see Dumbledore’s office and the Gryffindor common room. The Forbidden
Journey ride is 3D and you literally feel like you are flying through Hogwarts
following Harry on his broomstick!
 Inside Hogwarts
I hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into Harry Potter World, Universal Studios California. I’ll be posting more about this trip later:)



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