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Recently, I was invited to attend the Charles M. Schultz museum with Ms. Abbott’s 10th grade class. The museum is located in Santa Rosa California. I’d never been
there before and was just as excited (if not more so) as the kids to learn
about the famous cartoonist. For me, it was like re-visiting my childhood. Like
many of you, I grew up with the Peanuts gang.  Schultz’s comic strip was a Sunday morning staple alongside
my Shredded Wheat or Fruit Loops. Many of us relate to Schultz’s – often times – poignant humor. If you’re a true fan, you understand that Charlie Brown wasn’t a loser. Rather, he epitomized the human spirit because he never quit trying. 

 Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Sally and the Gang~

As I began my journey through the museum, I was able to see many of Mr. Schultz’s drawings,
memorabilia, and even a replica of his office. However, above all I walked
away with the fact that Charles M. Schultz was not just a brilliant cartoonist, he
was an over-comer and in many ways like his main character.

The museum itself contains two floors and is filled with mementos
from his public and private life. It is also equipped with an educational center for
children who’d like to learn about cartooning. Also on display, are the works of several
other talented artists who have depicted snoopy or the peanuts gang in one of
the various art forms such as paintings, sculpture, or Paper Mache. 

Who doesn’t love Woodstock?

Located next to the museum is an ice skating rink called, Snoopy’s Home Ice Arena, along with the Warm Puppy Café. (Which by the way, they serve a mean
sandwich wrap!) Why an ice skating rink you might ask? Because Mr. Shultz loved to play
hockey! When you visit, you will see a special section devoted to his own
personal hockey equipment including his jersey, stick, and helmet. 
 Snoopy’s Home Ice Arena
 A replica of Charles Schultz Cartooning Desk

This desk is precious to me. I have my own writing desk. The hours I spend at it are both triumphant and at times – frustrating… But always worth it:)


I’m somewhat limited to the amount of information I can include in my blog, but for those of you interested in the biography of Charles M. Schultz, and need a little inspiration, please click on the link below. You’ll soon see what I mean about him being an over-comer.Through countless rejections, world war, and even death, he never gave up his dream to do what he loved most.


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What I Like Best About Writing; by C. L. Lewis www.creedgriffon.com www.facebook.com/creedgriffonfictionseries

I’m often asked what I like best about writing. Of course, I have more than one answer, and depending on what day it is (i.e. deadline day – with or without coffee in hand) my response might vary. Be-dum ching! However, I can honestly say there are two things that stand out above the rest.  

One of my most favorite things about writing would be meeting the readers and answering their emails. I’ve been fortunate to have met some absolutely wonderful, gracious, and outstanding individuals who have welcomed me with open arms and shared their humorous stories with me. They’ve truly made my job fun! 

For example, in the picture below you can see the gentleman showing us his tattoo. My main character, Creed Griffon is the recipient of a magical tattoo which continues to spread all over his body. Knowing this, the gentleman was kind enough to show us the design of his!  His wife and daughter, which you can sort of see in the picture have matching mother/daughter tattoos (back of the neck) which I thought to be very unique!

Another favorite of mine is creating my own worlds and characters such as
those in my book, The Road to Dendura.
I often write about fictional subjects, environments, and/or creatures I
think would be interesting to see in real life. Challenging yet fun aspects to add to these are giving each character a distinct
personality and writing about events in such a way that makes them seem
as though they could really happen. At the same time, I
intertwine relevant subjects faced by teens, and kids of today such as bullying, never giving up, friendship, betrayal, and fears.

   I still remember you Paul! You make me smile every time I see your picture! 

 The gentleman pictured below had a great sense of humor but I think you can figure that out for yourself! 

On a final note, book two will
be out 2015. We have included a glossary for
those who like extra information. We’ve even added phonetic spelling to
assist with the correct pronunciation of certain names. I thank you for your interest.



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Pyramid Power – An Egyptian Time Line Carved in Stone by C. L. Lewis author of the young adult fiction series, The Road to Dendura, www.creedgriffon.com

Part 2: A Visual Egyptian Time Line Carved in Stone

part one of my last blog, I started a visual time line of the
Giza pyramids for a special reader of mine. She in fact had some very good questions and I hope today – I will have answered them for
her. However, if you would like to take a peek at part one for yourself,
I’ve pasted that link below. 

For those of you unfamiliar with my young adult fiction series, The Road to Dendura, it just so happens to deal with modern day issues mixed with a mystical and magical ancient Egyptian flare! For detailed information on the Creed Griffon series click on this link. I thank you for your interest.

we’ll end our visual time line with the three most famous pyramids in Egypt.
They are the pyramids located on the Giza plateau. The most famous and
largest of the three is referred to as the great pyramid. It took over a ten to twenty year period to complete and concluded around 2560 BC. The great pyramid was built
for the pharaoh Khufu, also referred to by the Greeks as Cheops.He ruled from 2589 -2566 B.C. Khufu’s
pyramid originally stood approximately 481 feet tall, is the oldest of
the three, and is the only remaining structure of the seven ancient wonders of the
world. Make sure to look at the size of people and cars relative to the pyramid’s size!

On a side note: The pyramids were formed in their famous pyramidal shapes because it was said to mirror the rays of the sun…

second largest pyramid at Giza was built for Khufu’s son Khafre during
his reign as pharaoh.He ruled from approximately 2558 to 2532 BC. You can still see a tiny portion of the smooth
limestone cap in place at the pyramid’s peak. Originally, this covering would have once blanketed all
of its sides. Legend says that Khafre, being a good son, did not want to out
do his father’s handiwork. Therefore, he made his own pyramid slightly
smaller. Khafre’s pyramid originally stood approximately 448 feet. *I know that if you look at all three pyramids at once, Khafre’s pyramid may appear taller. However, this is due to an ancient Egyptian optical illusion – being that Khafre’s pyramid was constructed on slightly higher ground. I believe this allowed him to still pay homage to his father, Khufu yet at the same time declare his own power and might!

last of the three pyramids was built for the pharaoh Menkaure. His reign began in 2532 and lasted approximately 22 years until 2503. As
you’ve probably guessed, he was the son of Khafre and was Khufu’s grandson.
Following in the tradition of his father, Menakure’s pyramid originally
stood 228 tall. It was one-tenth the size
of Khafre’s. And unlike the other Pyramids, whose exteriors were sheathed in limestone, Menkaure’s pyramid was sheathed
in granite on the bottom levels and in the burial chamber. This was a costlier, more difficult stone to work with. Unfortunately, Menkaure died unexpectedly, and work on his pyramid complex was abandoned as can be seen by the unfinished stone picture below. Menkaure’s heir, Shepseskaf,
most likely completed his predecessors pyramid complex using mud brick. 

There is so much more I’d love to share about ancient Egyptians and their culture!! They are a people that truly amaze me. – But I’ll have to leave that for a different blog. As you can see, this one is getting rather long.  

**If you have a little bit more time and would like to see how papyrus (ancient Egyptian paper ) was made or would like to use an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic typewriter click on this link.

To my special friend Elisha – You’re totally awesome and your enthusiasm for Egypt is incredible! Never let that go! 

P.S. I hope I’ve answered all of your questions! 


Your friend, 

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Chocolate Covered Pet Rocks by C. L. Lewis Young Adult Fiction Author

Recently, I was able to visit
a local high school where I was asked by one of the students, “What kind of
books did you read as a kid?” Of course, I laughed and said, “There’s a story behind this. Do you really want to hear about my childhood plight?” To which they loudly replied – “Yes!” (It was either that or go back to class and take that dreaded math test. I had them where I wanted them! 🙂 

I am the youngest in a large family. The two siblings closest to me in age are my two older sisters. They are about a year apart from each other. In fact, when I was a kid people
often mistook them for twins because they looked so much alike. Then I’d come
out from around the corner with a candy bar in one hand and a slightly chocolate covered pet rock in the other, and those same people would say, “Is this the neighbor’s kid?” 
I was younger, a lot younger.
This was my plight. The difference in our ages spans about ten years. It doesn’t
seem like much, but when you’re ‘the littlest’ older siblings can sometimes
leave you out of things – a lot of things. They got to go do “big kid type stuff” while I stayed
home. So the answer to the original question is – Yes! Most definitely, I read a lot of
different books. They helped me go on far  more exciting adventures than my sisters! 
I loved mysteries such as the Nancy Drew series. But by far, the Narnia series by C. S. Lewis was my most favorite all. I used to sit in front of my closet
pretending it was a wardrobe, and I was Lucy ready to go off on another
adventure. Anytime I mention C. S. Lewis, I get asked if I named myself after
him. The honest answer is – No. My real name and initials truly is C. L. Lewis.



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