Turning Your Kids / Teens Into “Power Readers” (Part 1)

“One of the reasons I wrote The Road to Dendura – was for those readers who need – for lack of better words want – what I like to call – a genuine page turner –where something is always happening or about to happen – not senseless situations – but circumstances with purpose. That’s the type of book I like to read, that’s the type of book I like to write. There’s never really a dull moment in the entire story. The book is designed to keep the reader turning pages in order to find out what happens next. 

Originally, The Road to Dendura was written with the teen and tween age range in mind, but kid’s as young as nine have been reading it through as well as adults who are not afraid to enjoy a good young adult fiction book. (Please visit the Creed Griffon “Rated E for Everyone” page.) And – for that I am very pleased. In addition, because I am a teacher – I have to confess that I seized the opportunity to weave vocabulary building words throughout.

This, in turn, will help expand the reader’s word base. This may not be the situation for every reader because I realize there are various levels of comprehension. However in some cases, the later will be applicable. Lastly, I am forever receiving questions about the language of the Druix. To be honest, first and foremost, it was written for fun. Yes, most definitely for fun. but such dialog also forces the use of phonetics – also an important part of reading.
Book two will be out shortly – 2012. The course of the series is cemented therein and will no doubt surprise many fans…”
Reading is one of the most important skills our children can learn. As I have stated many times before, reading is the foundation on which all other disciplines are based. For example, science, math, and history all involve – you guessed it – reading

Life involves – reading; therefore, it’s not hard to understand that reading is a necessity, and not necessarily a trivial pastime or dutiful obligation. Reading is the initial step needed to further progress in many other important areas of life – especially imagination and creativity. But how do you get a reluctant reader motivated enough to where they will actually pick up a book and do the unthinkable – read it!  …We’ll discuss that in the next blog post.


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