No Room for the Haters Never Give Up On Your Dreams by author C. L. Lewis best tween, teen, and young adult new fiction series

No Room For the Haters 

To the wonderful staff at Hastings in Meridian Idaho, Mr. James Baber, and Trina –
I want to personally thank you for making my time at your store not only
pleasant – but fun. I will be writing a separate blog about the event shortly. To the stellar families and individuals that I was privileged
to meet – I humbly thank you for being so personable and making me feel so welcome. 


However, I’d like to dedicate this blog to one
young lady I spoke to that afternoon; possibly she’s reading this now. I don’t
want you to forget what we talked about. In a nutshell – don’t make room for
the haters. And to be honest, there are plenty of them out there jealous of
what you might have or individual characteristics about you… And many more who don’t
want to do whatever it was you did to get where you’re at. Therefore, they park
themselves in the “haters” parking space of life because it’s comfortable and
quite easy. In the haters parking lot there’s always room for one more even
though many of the spaces are already filled. 

I want you to remember, Stephanie, TO NOT
GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS. There are many with wishbone – but no backbone. There
are many who will talk down your dreams because by you pursuing yours – you make
them feel bad about themselves in some way. 

Don’t ever stop hoping don’t ever stop dreaming. Always
remember – there are many individuals who hope/dream and don’t work, and those who
work and don’t hope/dream. You need to find your combination of the three and never give
up on your dreams! NEVER!



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Chocolate Covered Pet Rocks by C. L. Lewis Young Adult Fiction Author

Recently, I was able to visit
a local high school where I was asked by one of the students, “What kind of
books did you read as a kid?” Of course, I laughed and said, “There’s a story behind this. Do you really want to hear about my childhood plight?” To which they loudly replied – “Yes!” (It was either that or go back to class and take that dreaded math test. I had them where I wanted them! 🙂 

I am the youngest in a large family. The two siblings closest to me in age are my two older sisters. They are about a year apart from each other. In fact, when I was a kid people
often mistook them for twins because they looked so much alike. Then I’d come
out from around the corner with a candy bar in one hand and a slightly chocolate covered pet rock in the other, and those same people would say, “Is this the neighbor’s kid?” 
I was younger, a lot younger.
This was my plight. The difference in our ages spans about ten years. It doesn’t
seem like much, but when you’re ‘the littlest’ older siblings can sometimes
leave you out of things – a lot of things. They got to go do “big kid type stuff” while I stayed
home. So the answer to the original question is – Yes! Most definitely, I read a lot of
different books. They helped me go on far  more exciting adventures than my sisters! 
I loved mysteries such as the Nancy Drew series. But by far, the Narnia series by C. S. Lewis was my most favorite all. I used to sit in front of my closet
pretending it was a wardrobe, and I was Lucy ready to go off on another
adventure. Anytime I mention C. S. Lewis, I get asked if I named myself after
him. The honest answer is – No. My real name and initials truly is C. L. Lewis.



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Drive Through Mentality by C. L. Lewis Author of The Creed Griffon Road to Dendura Series

The times we live in are
amazing. We are such a fast paced society reinforced by limitless technology.
We’re able talk to people half way around the world via a computer the size of
our palm or by a pocket sized phone we text with in one hand while driving with
the other!

From fast food in five minutes, dinner microwaved in ten, to coffee
brewers for our cars, most of us aren’t left wanting for instant conveniences.
(Personally, I’m waiting for chocolate air) One of my favorite questions I get
asked at book signings is, “When do you find time to relax?” The answer is
simple, I don’t find time, I make time – or I lose all creativity. 

Like many of you, I
get caught up in what I like to call the drive though rush mentality – the
ultimate hurry up and wait drama. It begins to wear on me over time and eventually
I start to find it hard to distinguish between things that aren’t really
important versus things that truly are..

I travel a lot and it only compounds
this false sense of urgency. This everyday relentless hustle and bustle has
become the norm for all of us to include our kids.

Gee…Do I really
need to answer those twenty emails, or should I see what the family is up to
tonight? We’ve become so interconnected that in some ways were disconnected
from the things that matter most. I’m first in line to confess…

I’m sure there are those of you who enjoy the pace and aren’t bothered by it in
the least. But I know there are mortals out there who can sympathize with me… So,
I answer my favorite question something like this -“When I sense the lines
of importance blurring I take time out. More often than not, I take time out
anyway. I’ve formed a habit of making myself slow down.”

Turn off the television,
and cell phone, unplug your computer and get back to basics. Time out doesn’t have
to be an extravagant vacation in Rio. Take a
walk – Read a good book – Laugh – Try being bored! You’d be amazed at the results if you just
give it a try. Not just one time, but form a positive habit. Our children emulate what
we do. You could really help them relieve stress now, and into adulthood by showing them how to put on
the brakes and rediscover simplicity.



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Encouraging the Writer Within by C. L. Lewis author of The Road to Dendura

I’ve been approached countless times by individuals (of all ages) telling me that they love to write and how they’re secretly working on a story. Often times, they share their thoughts and ideas while I try and provide encouragement. 

One of the most brilliant things I can remember is when I was at a book signing and a fifteen year old came up and showed me a manuscript she’d been working on since she was 12!! I thought to myself, WOW! This is totally awesome! It was so precious to me because I understood the sanctity of what I was holding – perseverance and dedication to name a few things…

 If you love to write it doesn’t matter your age – do what you love! Write about what interests you. Don’t listen to the “doom and gloom negativity sayers” – because they’ll be plenty of them. 

Unfortunately in this world, people pick out the negatives when there are so many more positives going on. And yes, at times – I’m just as guilty as the next person. Regardless, listen to the peoples’ opinion about your book/thoughts or ideas from whom you respect.

Keep a  notebook handy or a small voice recorder with you so you can write down or speak your thoughts and ideas as they come to you. If you’re like me, ideas come out of nowhere. If I don’t write them down, or record them – they’re lost in the oblivion of the day.