Chocolate Covered Pet Rocks by C. L. Lewis Young Adult Fiction Author

Recently, I was able to visit
a local high school where I was asked by one of the students, “What kind of
books did you read as a kid?” Of course, I laughed and said, “There’s a story behind this. Do you really want to hear about my childhood plight?” To which they loudly replied – “Yes!” (It was either that or go back to class and take that dreaded math test. I had them where I wanted them! 🙂 

I am the youngest in a large family. The two siblings closest to me in age are my two older sisters. They are about a year apart from each other. In fact, when I was a kid people
often mistook them for twins because they looked so much alike. Then I’d come
out from around the corner with a candy bar in one hand and a slightly chocolate covered pet rock in the other, and those same people would say, “Is this the neighbor’s kid?” 
I was younger, a lot younger.
This was my plight. The difference in our ages spans about ten years. It doesn’t
seem like much, but when you’re ‘the littlest’ older siblings can sometimes
leave you out of things – a lot of things. They got to go do “big kid type stuff” while I stayed
home. So the answer to the original question is – Yes! Most definitely, I read a lot of
different books. They helped me go on far  more exciting adventures than my sisters! 
I loved mysteries such as the Nancy Drew series. But by far, the Narnia series by C. S. Lewis was my most favorite all. I used to sit in front of my closet
pretending it was a wardrobe, and I was Lucy ready to go off on another
adventure. Anytime I mention C. S. Lewis, I get asked if I named myself after
him. The honest answer is – No. My real name and initials truly is C. L. Lewis.



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The Road to Dendura Teen Fiction & and Single Parenting

Whether at a book signing event or in Wal-Mart I always get
asked the question – “So what is your teen fiction book about?” It’s not an
outrageous question. As a matter of fact it’s quite appropriate. However, most
short stories you will find have one central theme or goal that is easily
summarized. But when you move into the larger stories, you will discover that
often times they have more than one theme/more than one goal. The Road to
Dendura falls into the latter of the two. 
Creed Griffon, my main character, is
a young boy who comes from a single parent family. As a matter of fact, so does
his best friend, Burton Woods. Both are attending an upscale private school on sheer
merit and hard work. Many of their classmates know that neither boy can afford to attend without financial assistance and consequently, they are teased
because of it. 
Therefore, one central theme of The Road to Dendura touches on is the life
of single parent families as well as their struggles. From this approach the concept is introduced –  that although our start in life may not be great, it’s our finish
that truly counts. It’s our finish that often times, we have a say in. 

What is really
important to remember, is that Creed is a normal kid, just like the millions of kids around the world. He is set to do great things but many times falls back on
the fact that he, himself is not great. However, Creed learns that just because he may not feel special doesn’t mean that he isn’t!

Everyone has the opportunity to be great. The chance to do
so is wide and varied. For example, greatness does not come from our situation, but how we
react in the midst of it. Likewise, Creed struggles in the face of adversity but never
quits because he knows his friends are depending on him. 

Furthermore, he discovers he
has magical powers, but this is not truly what makes him special either. I like to
believe that everyone has a special talent whether it is drawing, singing, or
simply having a smile that brightens up a room! Similarly, another thing that makes a person ‘great’ is when they use their gift to help
someone. Correspondingly, one of the things that makes Creed so special is what he does with his magic,
what he will do with his magic…


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