Chocolate Covered Pet Rocks by C. L. Lewis Young Adult Fiction Author

Recently, I was able to visit
a local high school where I was asked by one of the students, “What kind of
books did you read as a kid?” Of course, I laughed and said, “There’s a story behind this. Do you really want to hear about my childhood plight?” To which they loudly replied – “Yes!” (It was either that or go back to class and take that dreaded math test. I had them where I wanted them! 🙂 

I am the youngest in a large family. The two siblings closest to me in age are my two older sisters. They are about a year apart from each other. In fact, when I was a kid people
often mistook them for twins because they looked so much alike. Then I’d come
out from around the corner with a candy bar in one hand and a slightly chocolate covered pet rock in the other, and those same people would say, “Is this the neighbor’s kid?” 
I was younger, a lot younger.
This was my plight. The difference in our ages spans about ten years. It doesn’t
seem like much, but when you’re ‘the littlest’ older siblings can sometimes
leave you out of things – a lot of things. They got to go do “big kid type stuff” while I stayed
home. So the answer to the original question is – Yes! Most definitely, I read a lot of
different books. They helped me go on far  more exciting adventures than my sisters! 
I loved mysteries such as the Nancy Drew series. But by far, the Narnia series by C. S. Lewis was my most favorite all. I used to sit in front of my closet
pretending it was a wardrobe, and I was Lucy ready to go off on another
adventure. Anytime I mention C. S. Lewis, I get asked if I named myself after
him. The honest answer is – No. My real name and initials truly is C. L. Lewis.



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Encouraging the Writer Within by C. L. Lewis author of The Road to Dendura

I’ve been approached countless times by individuals (of all ages) telling me that they love to write and how they’re secretly working on a story. Often times, they share their thoughts and ideas while I try and provide encouragement. 

One of the most brilliant things I can remember is when I was at a book signing and a fifteen year old came up and showed me a manuscript she’d been working on since she was 12!! I thought to myself, WOW! This is totally awesome! It was so precious to me because I understood the sanctity of what I was holding – perseverance and dedication to name a few things…

 If you love to write it doesn’t matter your age – do what you love! Write about what interests you. Don’t listen to the “doom and gloom negativity sayers” – because they’ll be plenty of them. 

Unfortunately in this world, people pick out the negatives when there are so many more positives going on. And yes, at times – I’m just as guilty as the next person. Regardless, listen to the peoples’ opinion about your book/thoughts or ideas from whom you respect.

Keep a  notebook handy or a small voice recorder with you so you can write down or speak your thoughts and ideas as they come to you. If you’re like me, ideas come out of nowhere. If I don’t write them down, or record them – they’re lost in the oblivion of the day. 


Mini Mental Vacation – Is Reading for Fun Still Alive?

Is reading for fun still alive? First and foremost, the answer is yes. Reading for enjoyment is still very much alive. Personal experiences have allowed me to see that vast amounts of teen, tween and younger children crave good reading materials – things that interest or excite them!  However, there are still many kids and adults who look at reading as a chore. This is unfortunate. 

**I believe that this ‘chore’ mindset is created as we enter our school years. Rightfully, in order to learn we must read. Many times, the subjects that we are forced to read about are things our hearts are not truly interested in. Therefore, we associate all reading as some sort of laborious task.

How long has it been since you’ve taken a mini mental vacation? A good book can do this for you.  It helps
relieve stress by taking your mind off of things! The best part is this time;
you get to pick the book.  Next, find a comfy spot – relax – and let the
story take you away on an adventure.

Our kids face stress too… It may not be
over things we consider important but it’s still stress to them! How long has it been
since they’ve take a vacation? Reading
is a great habit to start at anytime! The library is filled with books you can
check out for free not to mention the many free books on Kindle and other
e-readers! Go on! Try it! Give yourself and your kids a break with a book!



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Nampa Public Library Book Signing Event The Road to Dendura

Wow! I want to thank all of you who attended the Nampa Public Library for this event! Everyone made me feel very welcome. I’d also like to thank both Sara and Laura for being my right arms during and after the program! I had a wonderful time meeting everyone, listening to your stories and yes – laughing!. I will periodically be posting more photos as I receive them. The coloring contest was won by Ms. Reagan Kelley  for her awesome art work!
I will be posting her picture as soon as I receive it. 

The question and answer contest was won by Zachary Smith. Christayl Walters placed second! What energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm you two displayed as you battled wits over Road to Dendura trivia!  I was extremely impressed with those of you who had your creature terminology down! I loved meeting the readers and hearing their questions. Many of them such as Ben offered me some very good input! Thanks to all of you, and I hope that you had as good of a time as I did!