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I’m often asked what I like best about writing. Of course, I have more than one answer, and depending on what day it is (i.e. deadline day – with or without coffee in hand) my response might vary. Be-dum ching! However, I can honestly say there are two things that stand out above the rest.  

One of my most favorite things about writing would be meeting the readers and answering their emails. I’ve been fortunate to have met some absolutely wonderful, gracious, and outstanding individuals who have welcomed me with open arms and shared their humorous stories with me. They’ve truly made my job fun! 

For example, in the picture below you can see the gentleman showing us his tattoo. My main character, Creed Griffon is the recipient of a magical tattoo which continues to spread all over his body. Knowing this, the gentleman was kind enough to show us the design of his!  His wife and daughter, which you can sort of see in the picture have matching mother/daughter tattoos (back of the neck) which I thought to be very unique!

Another favorite of mine is creating my own worlds and characters such as
those in my book, The Road to Dendura.
I often write about fictional subjects, environments, and/or creatures I
think would be interesting to see in real life. Challenging yet fun aspects to add to these are giving each character a distinct
personality and writing about events in such a way that makes them seem
as though they could really happen. At the same time, I
intertwine relevant subjects faced by teens, and kids of today such as bullying, never giving up, friendship, betrayal, and fears.

   I still remember you Paul! You make me smile every time I see your picture! 

 The gentleman pictured below had a great sense of humor but I think you can figure that out for yourself! 

On a final note, book two will
be out 2015. We have included a glossary for
those who like extra information. We’ve even added phonetic spelling to
assist with the correct pronunciation of certain names. I thank you for your interest.



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C. L. Lewis will be at the Nampa Idaho Civic Center www.creedgriffon.com Young adult, Teen, and Tween Fantasy Fiction Author

Author Reception Event: 

You are invited to attend a local authors  reception at the Nampa
Idaho Civic Center featuring C.L. Lewis. She will be available to sign copies of her book, The Road to Dendura. Meet characters from her novel and get a chance to ask her questions about book two in the series! Light
refreshments will be served. Admission is $5.00 at the door. 

For more information on this event please visit the link below: 


Thank you for your interest, 


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Good Books for Teens and Tweens

We have had many people asking for character lists for The Road to Dendura. From what I understand, the powers that be are we are working diligently to get those posted for you. I’d like to personally thank those readers for their interest and patience. 
Also know that when you write in to www.creedgriffon.com – please make sure to include a return email in the form so that we can respond to you in a timely manner. I’m excited that book two will be out this year! Know that it will have a quick reference guide for characters and such.
For those of you who found us on Facebook, I humbly thank you for your support as well. You’ve emailed me a lot of questions about the upcoming event. If you are interested, please click on the Author Event link below and all of the details will be provide for you.



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The Road to Dendura Teen Fiction & and Single Parenting

Whether at a book signing event or in Wal-Mart I always get
asked the question – “So what is your teen fiction book about?” It’s not an
outrageous question. As a matter of fact it’s quite appropriate. However, most
short stories you will find have one central theme or goal that is easily
summarized. But when you move into the larger stories, you will discover that
often times they have more than one theme/more than one goal. The Road to
Dendura falls into the latter of the two. 
Creed Griffon, my main character, is
a young boy who comes from a single parent family. As a matter of fact, so does
his best friend, Burton Woods. Both are attending an upscale private school on sheer
merit and hard work. Many of their classmates know that neither boy can afford to attend without financial assistance and consequently, they are teased
because of it. 
Therefore, one central theme of The Road to Dendura touches on is the life
of single parent families as well as their struggles. From this approach the concept is introduced –  that although our start in life may not be great, it’s our finish
that truly counts. It’s our finish that often times, we have a say in. 

What is really
important to remember, is that Creed is a normal kid, just like the millions of kids around the world. He is set to do great things but many times falls back on
the fact that he, himself is not great. However, Creed learns that just because he may not feel special doesn’t mean that he isn’t!

Everyone has the opportunity to be great. The chance to do
so is wide and varied. For example, greatness does not come from our situation, but how we
react in the midst of it. Likewise, Creed struggles in the face of adversity but never
quits because he knows his friends are depending on him. 

Furthermore, he discovers he
has magical powers, but this is not truly what makes him special either. I like to
believe that everyone has a special talent whether it is drawing, singing, or
simply having a smile that brightens up a room! Similarly, another thing that makes a person ‘great’ is when they use their gift to help
someone. Correspondingly, one of the things that makes Creed so special is what he does with his magic,
what he will do with his magic…


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