Lightening Before the Thunder…

During a trip to my publishers, I had the opportunity of sharing my experiences with a group of authors, many of whom later talked with me in a private capacity. I learned that we all had one thing in common – OPPOSITION.. A certain person I spoke with was ready to quit. Coming from this particular individual, it was quite shocking to me. They hadn’t written in months because of the vast amount of negativity received from naysayers. I shared with them a quote from a famous author in response to the haters. “Your next book will be your first book, and I wouldn’t like your book either.” It’s a mouthful I know, but a lot of people who criticize merely want to reserve the right to do just that – because they’re too lazy and too fearful to walk the road you have. It’s easier for them to complain rather than put themselves out there because they’ll get back what they gave…
In retrospect for me, writing started with a dream, a desire… I was heavily chastised for daring to think outside of the box. Many of you have a dream… A wish… Whether it’s to be an author or something else, I’m here to tell you that you can have all the wishbone in the world, but without backbone you won’t ever see it come to volition. Without actually getting out there and putting your plan into action you will stay right where you’re at.

Yes, you will have obstacles and people come against you for no reason. DON’T QUIT! They’ll go to the extent of making things up about you, lie about you – because they are afraid you will succeed. DON’T QUIT! If I were to share what I wrote my first book through, it would literally drop your jaw! If I were to share with you the violence I grew up in once again, it would drop your jaw. I had a lot of excuses to not even start let alone continue. But I’m here to tell you, it’s not your start in life, it’s your finish, and that finish is up to you. The point is I never gave up. NEVER GIVE UP! When you’re tired, learn to rest – BUT DON’T GIVE UP!!!! If you’re feeling low about your situation, go out and do something nice for someone. Take your mind off of yourself for a change. If it’s not well received sew it as a seed – in laymen’s terms good karma will always come back to you but you must give out to get back.

The song Lightening Before the Thunder by Imagine Dragons – in the very last few minutes of this song you will hear almost inaudibly the words – “Never give up.” Some of you have those exact words whispering in the recesses of your mind. You need to turn them from a whisper into a shout, until it’s tattooed in your brain. I’m here to remind you not to give up on your dreams! Don’t let the haters have it their way!!!! Don’t let circumstances have their way!!! Who are they to decide your fate?




The Freakin’ Frenemy

Writing for me is a passion. It’s opened up a world of opportunities beyond what I believed possible.

Because of writing, I’ve been able to travel and meet people from all over the world, many of whom share my enthusiasm for word-smything. I’ve been inspired and afforded the privilege of being an inspiration. However, I never would’ve even attempted writing books if I’d have listened to the chirping from the cheap seats.

Many of you know where I’m going here because you’ve experienced the same. Oh, certain frenemies of mine have said things like, “You’ll never make it!” “Impossible.” “You’re still writing?”

Believe it or not, they still pop in and out my life, bringing their negativity and doubt with them. They’ve even gone as far as to hound those around me. At that point, I only have one thing to stay to them, “[email protected]#! You’re a fan~”  …Now, will that ruffle a few feathers? Only of the people that know what they’ve been doing.

Besides, who cares? But it will be best remembered the next time you recognize ‘that special someone’ who continually inflicts their opinion on you and whatever it is you’re doing.

Definition of a Frenemy – Basically a cross between a friend and an enemy.




So what’s my point?  I openly speak on my personal experiences with ‘frenemies’ because I don’t want someone taking away or deterring other people from doing what they enjoy!

Don’t listen to the individuals whose only purpose in life is to make sure you don’t do better than they do! You know, the ones who can’t say anything nice after you leave the room? Be aggressive with your goals! Stop wasting time caring what they think, and pursue whatever it is that inspires you!

Step out! Try something new! You never know where it will take you. And more importantly, you’ll never know what you’re capable of if you don’t give it a solid try!

BTW; Don’t be afraid of failure. Not to say that you’ll fail! But if you’re not making mistakes, you’re not trying. Failure is not the opposite of success; it’s a part of success!


C. L. Lewis



English Flashbacks, Brain Matter, & Writing Ideas by C. L. Lewis

It never fails. Whether at a book signing, speaking to a
creative writing class, or talking with a fellow author, I’m always asked, “How do I decide what to
write about?” When given the opportunity for freestyle writing, I think a lot of people accidentally flash back to their English teacher at
the front of the class saying, “You have 30 minutes to write about the importance
of the African Tsetse fly. Go!” 

Stunned, you were
left thinking, ‘Gee lady! You must’ve had
an unhappy childhood, and now you’re trying to drag me into it!’ Tick tock, Tick
Meanwhile, ten minutes later, that blank piece of paper on your desk is staring back at you burning a hole in your retina… Adding insult to injury, you wound up with a C- on the thing, leaving your parents to believe that you were illiterate – destined for their support well into your 60’s.  

All joking aside, I have to admit, writing about something that
doesn’t interest you, in and of itself is a form of assessing your understanding of the
principles and structure of writing. But basically, timed writing, revolving
around boring subjects is just another form of torture! Yes, you read that correctly. In
other words, it ain’t no picnic! Right? Regardless, the entire experience can leave
a traumatic stain on your brain, something you’d rather not be reminded of. No
one likes being put in this position. 
However, creative writing is something quite different! I’m
speaking about the type of writing that is neither graded nor timed. It is
something we crazy people do for fun alongside cliff diving, and Wingsuit flying. Nevertheless, the entire world is at your fingertips, limited only by your
imagination! It’s quite a freeing pastime! Therefore, I’m compelled to remind
people that ask me, when choosing what they want to write about, the sky is the
limit! However, I always follow up with a few tidbits I’ve learned after many
years of facing off with my keyboard/computer, or pen and paper.

First of all, I tell people of all ages, “You need
to write about something that interests you, something you enjoy or know about.”
If you don’t know about the subject, and don’t mind doing a bit of research –
then more power to you:)
However, I’d stick to something you have a bit of knowledge on. Secondly, keep
in mind that when you write a larger novel, multiple characters usually mean, multiple
core messages. Meaning, your story can have a number of morals/fundamental
principles depending on what character’s point of view the reader may be
looking from. 

After writing my first young adult fiction book, The Road to Dendura, people would ask me, “What is your
story about?” I feel that my response was sort of like a deer in the headlights,
because actually there were multiple story lines woven throughout it. As an
author, you know your story better than anyone. You are the god of that story. You
know every detail and nuance. Therefore, when asked such a simple question, you
sometimes wonder how a simple reply can encompass each and every characters’ core message. But we’ll save that blog for another time!

For now, I hope I’ve helped a few fellow writers out there! If anyone else has helpful comments about choosing a writing topic, please feel free to comment.



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Oops! Did I say That out Loud? by Author C. L. Lewis The Creed Griffon series Like us on Facebook Take the Journey! Happy Thanksgiving~

You know, it
never ceases to amaze me how we jump straight from Halloween and right into
Christmas. It’s like having appetizers and heading straight for the dessert! Every
year, down go the Halloween costumes and candy, up goes the Christmas trees, ornaments,
glitzy lights, and sale signs.
definitely no Grinch, but where did Thanksgiving go? I guess you can’t make a lot of money off a
holiday that focuses on ‘being thankful for what you have – not what you’re going to get.’
And when I say
‘WE” I don’t me you and me creating this frenzy of a rush. I mean the money
hungry advertising hounds trying to sell us the latest greatest gizmos and gadgets
– we apparently, can’t live without. 
My class recently
visited the city dump to learn about recycling. I did not understand this
lesson would be two-fold for me. Standing there, amidst the old rusty carcasses
of what used to be, I was struck by the notion that there are city dumps
nationwide – filled things people thought they desperately needed. Maybe, even
went into debt over or divorced over… Cars, motorcycles, RV’s, clothes, computers…
 You name it. Maybe we could do with a little less stuff…

No, I’m no uniformed
do-gooder selling Thin Mints at your door. 
Indeed, far from it. I don’t necessarily have a problem with the rush of Christmas
advertising per say. But I do have a lot to be thankful for. And so, I don’t
feel it fair to simply brush Thanksgiving aside like a piece of lint on a lapel. For one, I’m glad that
we still call Thanksgiving – Thanksgiving and it hasn’t been re-named something
else. Similarly, I could never figure out what was wrong with the name
Christmas. Why would companies like Starbucks remove it from their coffee cups?
Do they not know that they’ve made their millions off of the backs of the American
people? And yes, America was founded  founded on traditions like Christmas and Thanksgiving? What is so offensive about that name? I guess I’m a little bias being that my first name just so happens to be – Christie…. Yes. C. L. Lewis is my real name, and not some spin off of C. S. Lewis as  having been rumored. Regardless, next thing ya know, they’ll be having problems with St.
Patrick’s Day… 

Don’t get me
wrong, I’m thankful for material things, but more so for things you can’t buy
like friendship, love, and family, not necessarily in that order. As per the cartoon above, I understand nothing is perfect. However, we hold on to the good memories knowing, believing, and trusting that they’ll be more. If you’re lacking in those realms, I’d
suggest you offer some volunteer time to places like a food bank or shelter. I
helped out at a food shelter one year and it changed me for the better. Thanksgiving,
(thanks-for-giving) is a holiday that encompasses, yes – being thankful. It’s a
time for reflection of just what we have to be thankful for. You may say,
“Well, my life has been crap lady!” Well, there is ALWAYS someone who would
gladly trade places with you – because their life is no walk in the park
either. Personally, I don’t think anyone’s is. 



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