Ten Amazing Ancient Egyptian Inventions by C. L. Lewis author of The Road to Dendura www.creedgriffon.com

First off, I’d like to congratulate Rebecca Bray and James Seiller for correctly answering the contest questions. 

 Side View of the Famous Tutankhamun Mask

1. All living Pharaohs were said to be the living incarnation of what Ancient Egyptian god?  

(Answer) Horus

2. Name an invention created by the Ancient Egyptians. *I’ll do ya one better and list ten of them. Both Rebecca and James listed one or more of the following. 

Click on any of the purple links below to learn more about Ancient Egyptian Ingenuity. 

-Eye Make Up

-Written Language

-Papyrus Sheets

-The Calendar

-The Plow

-Breath Mints 



-Door Lock



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Free Book to the First Person Who… By C. L. Lewis www.creedgriffon.com www.facebook.com/creedgriffonfictionseries

Hi, I’m C. L. Lewis, author of the Creed Griffon Series. If you’d like to learn more about Creed Griffon and The Road to Dendura, visit www.creedgriffon.com, www.facebook.com/creedgriffonfictionseries or click on any of the purple links in this blog. Please know, this isn’t a cheap attempt to try and sell you something. Rather, this is a simple contest. If you’d like to enter or know someone who’d be interested in doing so – then keep reading.

Currently, I’m offering a free signed copy of The Road to Dendura to the first two people who can correctly answer the two questions I’m about to reveal. Know that the last time I did something like this, it took almost two weeks to find our winners. By chance, if you’re reading this blog a week after the fact, don’t think it’s to late to email in your reply. You never know, your answers might be the only ones that are right! 

Before I can reveal the questions, I need to cover a few simple rules. I know… What would fun be without rules? Yawn

Here goes: 

1. This contest is open to United States residents only. I apologize to my international readership. I don’t often get a chance to make contest rules where my books are concerned. I hope you can understand and know that I”m looking to the future for changes in this area.

2. All participants must send in their responses by  using the contact us form located on the Creed Griffon website. Simply click on the purple link located directly above to go to that page, or you can visit the website and use the ‘Contact C. L. Lewis’ link located in the menu.

3. Winners are determined on a first come first serve basis. The First two individuals to to answer both questions correctly per our discretion will be the winners. It’s that easy.

4. Yes, you can enter as many times as you like! Kids, make sure it’s okay with your parents first.
Please understand that we are not responsible for underage individuals that enter without the proper permission.

5. By entering, you agree that we are not responsible for computer malfunctions, and/or emails lost or not received. Winners are responsible for providing the correct mailing address and for receipt of item.

6. By entering, all participants agree to allow us to publish their name along with their answers. 

7. Only one book per winner.  

8. This contest will end February 28th 2014. 

That’s it! So what are the two contest questions?  
1. All living Pharaohs were said to be the living incarnation of what Ancient Egyptian god?  

2. Name an invention created by the Ancient Egyptians.

Good luck! Respectfully,

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Talking With King Tut – A Humbling Experience by C. L. Lewis Author of The Road to Dendura New Young Adult Fiction, Teen, and Tween Series www.creedgriffon.com

The words, “completely humbling,” come to mind when I think of  my visit to the Rosicrucian Museum and Planetarium in San Jose, California. This is no illusion  –  look at the flea circus  –  type experience. In plain English – the Rosicrucian Museum is the real deal. Once I stepped foot on to the museum grounds it was quite evident that the members of the Rosicrucian society really have a passion for ancient Egypt and its culture. 

My book, The Road to Dendura, delves into Egyptian magic and culture along with modern day issues teens, tweens and young adults struggle with today. Nonetheless, to see such history brought to life up close and personal further fuels my passion to write. Literally, the Rosicrucian Museum makes you feel like you’re walking back in time – and it is quite a phenomenal experience. 

Replica of Akhenaten’s Temple to the Sun god; the Aten

I’ll do my best to highlight some of the exhibits, but if you’re an ancient Egyptian fan like myself – you really need to find a way to visit. You won’t be disappointed. ** For now, I’ll briefly cover only part of the exterior grounds in this blog and in the following blogs building up to the staggering exhibits inside. However, I’d like to do justice to the Museum and therefore, we will be putting up a variety of pictures and descriptions of what they have to offer on the Creed Griffon website in the near future.

Museum Exterior: 

Paraded on both sides of the front entrance are criosphinxes, which have the head of a ram and the body of the sphinx/lion. This and the front entrance itself is mirrored after the Temple of Amun at Karnak. Walking down the avenue of sphinxes, up those steps,  and being able to touch those pillars was an incredible experience for me. It felt as though at any moment, King Tut himself might stroll by with an entourage of priests, scribes, and servants. I think one of the things that astounds me most is that ancient Egyptians built such massive edifices by using simple mechanisms such as copper and stone based tools,  levers, wedges, sleds, and ramps. Oh yes – and a lot of manpower.

Museum Entrance

Close up of Rosicrucian Entrance

Thank you for reading, 

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum by C. L. Lewis author of the young adult fiction series; The Road to Dendura, The Creed Griffon Series www.creedgriffon.com

I”m very excited about my up and coming visit to the Rosicrucian Egyptian museum in San Jose California. As a writer, I feel it’s very important to submerse myself in the world I’m writing about. (The Creed Griffon Series ) San Jose, is not far from me as compared to Egypt or London. Therefore, without having to travel thousands of miles, get a bad passport photo, or ride a camel, there’s no better place to further my knowledge and education about ancient Egyptians – than the Rosicrucian.

The museum is said to be architecturally inspired by the Temple of Amun at Karnak, and houses
the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts on exhibit in western North
America! I’ve pasted a picture of the museum’s dramatic entrance below. It is absolutely stunning! I can’t wait to see it in person! I’ll be taking many pictures for study purposes as well as posting them for readers – like me – who are captivated by this fascinating civilization. 

                                         Rosicrucian Museum Facebook

  The name of the Rosicrucian is quite a mouthful and tended to inspire a little curiosity in me as to its meaning… For those of you interested, according to Wikipedia the term Rosicrucian is: “a generic term referring to studies or membership within a philosophical secret society said to have been founded in late medieval Germany by Christian Rosenkreuz. It holds a doctrine or theology
“built on esoteric truths of the ancient past”, which, “concealed from
the average man, provide insight into nature, the physical universe and
the spiritual realm.” Rosicrucianism is symbolized by the Rosy Cross.” 


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