Pandoradox Box “Brynth’s Blend”


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  • Includes free Road to Dendura Bookmark.
  • Not for individuals with peanut allergies!


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Pandoradox Box “Brynth’s Blend”

A selection of Brynth’s favorite candies. Crinkly wrapped, squirrel approved!

  • Includes one free Road to Dendura Bookmark
  • Not for individuals with peanut allergies!


An Excerpt from Iconic about the Pandoradox Box:

“But as fate would have it, I can’t divulge such secrets to you; neither can I tell you what we believe to be inside! As a rule, if I do either, it will never open! You can’t cheat your way into a Pandoradox box! Now you tell me something I don’t know, young Apprentice. Why would you of all people be here to do a Plig’s bidding?”


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