Creed Griffon: Iconic (One Signed Copy)


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(This purchase is for ONE “author signed” Paperback version of Iconic – Book Two of the Creed Griffon Series – 763 Pages)

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This purchase is for One C.L. Lewis Signed Paperback Copy of “Iconic” – Book Two of the Creed Griffon Series

763 Pages

Iconic, the second adventure in the Creed Griffon series lands Creed and Burton in the mystical port of Tanis.

Accompanied by their WayMaker, Isabelle, and Clancey they struggle to understand the dangerous yet quirky world of Craft, its customs, and those that hunt them.

Amidst their epic adventure, they wage war against Time Benders and all manner of foul creature, eventually encountering the essence of all evil incarnate!

Unable to control his rage, tensions mount forcing Creed’s untamed powers and erratic tattoo to unmistakably reveal themselves. Be that as it may, in a stunning turn of events his true identities are revealed.

Additionally, in the midst of revelation and chaos his friends discover paramount surprises of their own!


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