The Creed Griffon Series - Character Bios

Book One - The Road to Dendura Characters

Meet The Road To Dendura Characters

Book One of The Creed Griffon Series

By C. L. Lewis

Welcome to The Road to Dendura’s character page.

Below you will find several characters from book one, along with a small character biography giving limited insight into each individual.

To discover more about their role in the series, please feel free to write in with any questions you may have, or purchase a copy for yourself or for someone who enjoys a great story. – Enjoy!

Creed Griffon

Creed Griffon is the main character in the series, The Road to Dendura.

He’s twelve years old and attends a private school where his mother is employed as a counselor.

Creed remains unimpressed by his extravagant surroundings and purposefully chooses to distance himself from wealthy students who enjoy making him feel unworthy because he’s not rich.

He’s adventurous, smart, not afraid of a scuffle, and loves to skateboard.

Creed gives the reader a chance to look at things through his eyes as he learns about his mysterious past and experiences the world of Craft and its creatures first hand.

Burton Woods (Burt)

Burton Woods is Creed’s best friend and classmate since childhood.

Often an unwilling participant in Creed’s exploits, he remains faithful to no end.

He and Creed have many things in common which makes them almost inseparable.

Burton’s mother works in the school cafeteria, which is something he’s teased for quite a bit. Burton loves to hunt for treasure and likes to drag Creed along on his expeditions.

One day, he hopes to visit the shipwreck of the Whydah.

Isabelle Polanski

Isabelle Polanski is Creed and Burton’s classmate.

She’s smart, popular, and is an antagonist for both boys.

Having known each since kindergarten, there’s a lot of history between them which further fuels her behavior where they are concerned.

Isabelle is very strong willed and unafraid to defend herself verbally or physically.

It’s not about the destination. It’s about the Journey.

Mr. O’Keefe (Clancey)

Clancey O’Keefe is Devonshire’s custodian.

Known as a stern, yet peculiar type of fellow, he loves riding his motorcycle, knitting, and chasing squirrels for fun.

Clancey has taken a shine to both boys and often covers for them in order to keep them out of trouble.


Progerious Hoptonotess is a sixth generation WayMaker.

He is small for his size but lacks nothing in courage and heart.

He’s intelligent, feisty, and a seasoned warrior.

Progerious has a penchant for all things bric-a-brac. Most of the time, such items wind up in the special satchel he wears.


Gevoricht is a Time Bender.

He’s a fearless warrior with a heart of gold.

Time Benders duties are vast and varied.

One such task, is that a Time pirate can alter time for a price.

Notably, Gevoricht’s speech is somewhat unique because he spends too much time playing Lepeygo.


He is the father of all that is “evil” – and Creed’s main adversary.

Giest – (Guy st)

Also known as Reapers, these vicious demons hunt mainly for the souls of children to populate their armies.

They use razor sharp talons to slit prey open and capture an escaping soul by swallowing them whole.

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