In my many travels, signings, and school engagements some of the first, and most frequent, questions that I get asked by parents, librarians, and teachers are:

- “So what’s the book really about?”
- “Is there excessive talk of sex, bad language or senseless blood and gore in it?”
- “What ages do you recommend to read The Road to Dendura?”

A Clean – Fun – Exciting – Thrilling – Teen Fiction Book

Question number two always shocks me because this is a “teen” or “tweens” fiction book. I remember thinking to myself, “Why would I put anything like that in my books in the first place?” It takes a person a millisecond to figure out why I receive such questions; one simply has to listen or take a look at the world around us. In short,

The Road to Dendura was created as a young adult fiction series “Rated E for everyone.” It contains no bad language, sex or senseless gore. There’s already enough of that in this world in which we live. Wouldn’t you agree?

This doesn’t mean that my books won’t be suspenseful or give you a good chill up the spine now and again, but the aforementioned subjects are not needed to do so. The Road to Dendura is a non-stop action adventure filled with mystery, magic, and intrigue – backed by strong characters, good morals, trust, friendship and plenty of laughter.

> Being a teacher, I understand the necessity of good reading habits. Reading is the foundation for all other disciplines. My age recommendations are from ages 9 to 17 but I’ve had many adults far past the suggested reading ages enjoy it also. The Road to Dendura will help build comprehension and vocabulary skills as well as teaching good moral lessons.

Furthermore, as a mother, I understand how hard it can be to pull kids away from the television and video games. Not that those things are bad in moderation, but why not let a good book inspire and teach them to use their own imagination and creativity? Every invention we have today started with good old fashion imagination and creativity!

The Road to Dendura was especially designed for children and teens who do not like or want to read and for those who want something new, exciting and different. It is what I like to call a ‘Genuine Page Turner,’ in that you’ll want to keep turning the pages to find out what happens next. It is not a book filled with senseless violence. However, there is plenty of action and unanswered questions to keep the reader interested. With that being said, “there is a method to the madness.”

Creed Griffon - The Road To Dendura by C. L. Lewis

At its true core the series covers facing fears, dealing with family, friendships, bullying, trust, and never giving up – to mention just a few things I feel are important for readers of this age. You should know, as an educator, a parent, or a potential reader of my books that I feel a strong sense of obligation towards the content I write about.

If I did not feel that the content of my stories were, in the end, uplifting, encouraging, educational, and had the potential to spur greatness in the young adults that read them…then I wouldn’t be writing at all.

I know the power of words and the positive or negative effect they can have on young minds – my goal in writing is to inspire my readers to look at their world from a “I can do this – I will succeed” – point of view. Period.

Lastly, here is an extremely brief synopsis of The Road To Dendura from my own point of view: The story takes place in present day Sweetwater, Massachusetts, and unfolds just as summer vacation begins. Creed Griffon, the main character in the series, is an everyday average eleven year old that accidentally discovers he can do magic.

Although he can’t quite control it yet, his clumsy use of his new found skills is not only humorous; it unintentionally awakens some very nasty creatures – who have been hunting for him for thousands of years. By accident, they go after his best friend Burton Woods.

Creed is thrust into the hidden realms of magic, mysterious creatures, and crazy cultures where he learns that he was once an apprentice to an ancient Egyptian high priest and in turn holds the key to life and death in our world as well as his new found universe. His only chance of survival is to find his teacher’s lost book.

It contains all of the spells necessary to keep him alive as well as the restoration of memories to his forgotten past. ….The rest you’ll have to read for yourself. 🙂 – Sincerely, C. L. Lewis

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