> This is the place to get your questions answered, personally, by C. L. Lewis. Simply use our Contact Us form and ask your particular questions, or send us quality feedback, about The Road To Dendura. Questions will be answered as her busy schedule permits, and some of the most noteworthy or interesting inquiries will get to see their submission posted to this page. If you'd like, you can submit your name, age, city and state with your question and C. L. Lewis will include it with her response.

> How did you come up with your idea for the Fallon? Are they more like vampires? Emily Colburn age 12 Lafayette, LA

Dear Emily, because I have a number of blatantly evil looking creatures in this book, I wanted this particular brand of bad guy/gal to look ordinary and possibly go undetected, even if you were standing next to one. In general, both male and females are quite handsome or beautiful to look at. However, if your limbs go numb, or you happen to see those nasty conical nails, you better run…But sadly, by then, it’s too late. Yes!!! They are most sincerely a vampire with a slight twist. – C. L. Lewis

> Dear Mrs. Lewis, How did you learn to talk and write like Grapple? My mom and I laughed trying to read and talk like him. Kevin Sorenson, Age 14, Watertown, N.Y.

Dear Kevin, Grapple is a Druix and so speaking ‘human’ does not come natural to him. To be honest, Druix are feisty dwarves that love a fight and even like to highlight their battle scars. Of course you know never to look one in the eye…Although Druix love to get into a good scrap, they actually have good hearts. I made Grapple and all other Druix speak this way because it makes you take a shine to them. – C. L. Lewis

> Dear C. L. Lewis, I do not have a question for you. But I simply wanted to share that my daughter and I, as well as my entire 3rd grade class, thoroughly enjoyed The Road To Dendura!

Thank you so much for making a female character that isn’t weak! Isabelle showed courage in a tough situation, not to mention she could take care of herself against any boy! We look forward to Book Two in the series. – Stephanie Greenwood


> Dear C. L. Lewis, Do the gheddons fly? Steven R., age 11, Fairfield, CA

Dear Steven, the Fallon usually take flight when they are ready to swarm. Gheddons on the other hand are an evil alter ego. They do not fly. Don’t shake their hands or accept anything from a Gheddon or you’ll be up to no good in no time! – C. L. Lewis


> Will Gevoricht the pirate be in your next book? I really liked him. Shane Walters age 13, Fenton, MO

Dear Shane, I would love to tell you, but I’m supposed to keep that a secret… So for now, let’s just say that I really like him too? – C. L. Lewis


> Dear C. L. Lewis, I’ve named my bird Grapple because he talks as good as Grapple does. He makes me laugh. Caden Wiley, Age 13 Wrenshall, Minnestoa

Dear Caden, Wow! What an honor. Of course you know that “human” is Grapple’s second language just as it is for your bird! Can you imagine if we had to learn their languages? Now that would be even funnier! – C. L. Lewis


> Dear, C. L. Lewis, The Road to Dendura is my new favorite book. We have a book fair at our school every year and I was hoping you could come visit me and my fifth grade class. Timothy Shelly, Age 11, Conshohocken, PA

Dear Timothy, I am so thrilled that The Road to Dendura is your new favorite book! My publicist has been working on a plan to set me up with a program called Skype. It will allow me to visit readers in their school or school library without having to leave my writing desk! I will send you a special email about Skype and how it works. – C. L. Lewis


> Dear C. L. Lewis, Was it really Creed’s dad that attacked him that day? Because I don’t think it was him. – Clarissa Ashby, London, England, Age 13

Dear Clarissa, I can’t give that secret away right now, but you’ll know for sure when book two comes out! – C. L. Lewis


> Dear C. L. Lewis, I keep a small personal lending library in my 8th grade classroom. I have not been able to keep your book on my shelves for very long!

For the first time ever I’ve had to make a waiting list for students who wish to read it!

The Road to Dendura is written creatively and imaginatively – yet in a believable sort of way which I think really draws the kids in. I like the fact that it combines important moral lessons in with all of the action. Anxiously awaiting book two. – Jane W. Tallahassee FL,

Dear Jane W, Thank you for your kind words. I feel that I conveyed the ideas and concepts in The Road to Dendura in a credible way. It’s good to hear you think so too. Besides, what’s the fun of fiction if you don’t get the feeling that the story line might actually be possible? – C. L. Lewis

> Dear C. L. Lewis, I home school my children ages 8 to 16.

Like so many of us today, I am on a budget. I really appreciated the opportunity to purchase a hardcopy of your book from the website at almost half price. It arrived promptly and signed no less! Thank you so much! We can’t wait to begin reading it! – Jennifer Morley Wichita, Kansas

Dear Jennifer, I am very glad you were able to take advantage of the lower price offered through The Road to Dendura’s website. I too understand what it is like to home school and I am happy I was able to help in some small way. Thank you for all of your hard work! – C. L. Lewis


> Dear C. L. Lewis, How come you can’t accept anything from a Gheddon? I know what happens to a person who does, but why is it that way? – Sharon Bellkirk, age 14 Kearney, NE

Dear Sharon, Gheddons are very sly and deceptive little things! The simple fact is – acceptance of ‘anything’ from one of them constitutes a free invite into your life. It’s been that way throughout Gheddon history and is simply just plain fact. Once in, they behave like a naughty alter ego causing their host a lot of trouble. After they’ve wreaked havoc, they are free
to go bother someone else. – C. L. Lewis


> C. L. Lewis, I am looking forward to books two. What is its title and when will it be out?
Colton Mowery, Age 14, Clark, Nevada.

Dear Colton, Book Two will be out this year… But I’m not supposed to release the name of the title just yet! Check back soon because I’m hoping I’ll be allowed to share that information! – C. L. Lewis

> Dear C. L. Lewis, Can a Bandolix come out of the water? Timothy Gowen, age 10, Worcester, MA

Dear Timothy, this is a very good question. A Bandolix only lives in the deepest darkest waters. It rarely comes out of its aquatic environment because those yellow eyes are adjusted for night vision. However, if it does, it’s only for very short periods of time. A Bandolix uses those two huge fins on the sides of its head to fly through the fathoms, spewing water resistant lava in order to catch its prey. – C. L. Lewis


> Dear C. L. Lewis, I really like the Giests! Do they only hunt for children? Brittany Campbell age 15, Austin, TX

Dear Brittany, next to Denegaul himself, Giests are one of the most evil and ruthless creatures. They are relentless pack hunters and like to frighten their prey with those wicked talons! They will hunt adults or children, but particularly, it is the children they seek. I put them in the story because sadly, there are truly predators in this world that hunt for children.

Although it’s not a happy subject, if I, in some small way can heighten the awareness of kids by making them think about something like this, then, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Hence, the references of not going anywhere by yourself or picking up money lying on the ground might be a bit clearer to you now. Of course my creatures are imaginary. But, the other kind I’ve referred to are not. – C. L. Lewis


> Dear C. L. Lewis, Where did Clancey go? He’s my favorite character. Tina Valencia, age 11, Stockton, CA

Dear Tina, I’d like to tell you where Clancey went, but I can’t just now. Let’s just say he hasn’t put down his knitting needles or stopped chasing squirrels as of yet! – C. L. Lewis


> Dear C. L. Lewis, Thank you for the free book. Our teacher read it to our class for rewards time. My favorite characters are the bridge trolls. They weren’t at all like I expected. I thought they would be huge and dumb. They were very funny. But do they really fly because it didn’t seem like they did? Jordan Holtz, Age 13, Gouverneur, New York

Dear Jordan, Yes, those silly bullying bridge trolls… Don’t underestimate them too much though because they might make mince meat out of you! But, for all of their ‘big’ talk, they cannot fly, neither are they good swimmers. Those fans on the side of their heads are similar to a frilled lizard’s. They’re used to ward off enemy or let them know they’re ready to strike! – C. L. Lewis

teen fiction book signing c. l. lewis

> Dear C. L. Lewis, My husband and I want to thank you. Our 9 year old son has been deathly terrified of the water for years. For safety reasons, we’ve tried to teach him to swim time after time, but it became very frustrating and he would always end up feeling bad about himself because he just didn’t react to the water like his friends.

To be honest he would not submerge himself or even put his face in or under the water. The Road to Dendura was recommended to me by a friend. Not because of Creed’s fear of water, but because it was a good story. I didn’t find out he had the same problem as my son until actually getting into the book and reading it with him.

After reading the story, Creed became his hero because he overcame his fear of water. For the first time EVER, our son went under water in the bath tub! This was a boy who would take a shower standing on the far, far, end of the tub so he wouldn’t get too close to the water coming out of the nozzle, and even that took us a long time to get him to do. I can proudly say, that our son is now going under water and holding his breath!* He comes up laughing! We’ve taken so many pictures that our camera has run out of batteries! He says he’s ready for a swimming coach now in the big pool at our YMCA. Thank you so much for creating a positive role model who is not afraid to say “he’s afraid.” At the same time, he’s not afraid to overcome his fears. He does not let his fears rule over him. We look forward to the next book. – Sincerely, Mark & Lisa H.


> Dear C. L. Lewis, I love to read fiction books of all kinds. Although I am far from teen age, I’ve always enjoyed a good book about magic and other worlds. Your book, The Road to Dendura has true depth and a well laid out history weaved into the story line.

I can tell a lot of thought and planning had gone into each one. I am interested to see where book two goes and if the reader gets a chance to see how some of these civilizations evolved. I do not have children of my own but for those of you that do, this would be wonderful book for your kids to read not just for the excitement but for the lessons they can learn from it too. – Sincerely Jaime Blakely, Barnwell, South Carolina

Dear Jaime, Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad to hear that you have a heart after my own. I love great, creative fiction too. I believe fiction doesn’t have to have a children’s label or a YA label, or any other label that someone wants to slap on it. Great fiction reaches both the young and not so young audiences and anything in between. Book two will provide a brief history of many of the characters introduced in book one, especially Creed’s. – Sincerely C.. L. Lewis


> Dear C. L. Lewis, I would like to thank you for inspiring my daughter to read. She’s 16 and at difficult age. Originally, I bought your book for our 13 year old son who is an avid reader.

He talked about the characters so much that she decided to pick it up and start. This situation led to us buying her a Kindle for Christmas. She hasn’t quit reading since. The only way I can thank you is by telling everyone I know. Thank you so much! – Tracy P., Egelston Township, Michigan


> To My Readers, I thank you so very much for your kind and uplifting words! I will do my best to continue answering as much mail as I can. Please note – that I might have already answered you.

It is my understanding it takes a little while to post my responses. Also know that because of “space issues,” we usually do not post entire letters. Therefore, you may only see a part or a section of your correspondence. I sincerely apologize and appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter. – C. L. Lewis

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