How a fiction author gets her godchild to eat broccoli.

How a fiction author gets her godchild to eat broccoli…

I was met with a pair of tiny crossed arms and furrowed brow. My job had definitely been cut out for me. No form of bribery, no promises of cookies – not even candy would work on my six year old godson. For not a single piece of broccoli would pass his tiny pursed lips. Therefore, I resorted to what I do best. I began weaving a tale of fiction so vast and wondrous, it even left me wanting to eat a stalk of the vile weed! (Actually, I like broccoli) Anyway, I spoke of how the Brontosaurus, the Ankylosaurs, and the Calaxidon grew big and strong. (Of course one of those doesn’t exist, but we’ll work on that later. I’m not a dinosaur aficionado.) We discussed with props pictured, how they reached great heights and lived for millions of years just by……. You guessed it, eating their vegetables. …And it worked! Oiy! Next week is lima beans.

New Teen Fiction 2017
I know – but it worked!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! May your holidays be filled with CONTAGIOUS laughter and JOY, and may you create wonderful memories for years to come!



C. L. Lewis

Holiday Laughs

Just thought I’d share a little lighthearted holiday giggle… BTW; if you find yourself in the Chia Pet or As Seen on TV aisles, you’ve gone too far.



C. L. Lewis