The Creed Griffon Series

By C. L. Lewis

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Book One of The Creed Griffon Series

By C. L. Lewis

Creed Griffon is known to classmates as a troublemaker. Yet, mischief swiftly turns deadly when he’s blamed for the disappearance of a fellow student.

In the midst of chaos, Giests, Gheddons, and Fallon begin hunting Creed. As a result, he’s befriended by some of the most unlikely creatures thought possible.

Soon, he’s forced to embark upon an unexpected magical journey that will cause him to question everything he’s ever known.

The Hunt is On and the Clock is Ticking…

On his quest for answers, he searches for a father he never knew, and understanding of a mysterious tattoo revealing itself by way of his arm.

Hate, anger, and rage struggle for Creed’s loyalties. Left unbridled, they will be the driving force that fuel the fires of pain and suffering.

The path of forgiveness and true friendship are equally powerful bringing with them the opportunity of freedom and new beginnings.

The choice is Creed’s. Yet, whatever road he picks, will not only decide his fate, but the fate of all.

The Road to Dendura is a nonstop action packed fiction adventure about trust, betrayal, unlikely friendships, and forgiveness.

It’s a magical journey written for tweens, teens, or anyone who enjoys a great story.

The Creed Griffon Series is a tale filled with mystical creatures for hungry imaginations, and in turn, will invite readers of all ages to happily leave their current world behind and enter into the pages of Dendura.

Remember, it’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey.

** In the meantime, make sure to never pick up money lying on the ground, never lose your cell phone, and always be sure to keep an eye on your dresser drawers!